O3 - Inclusive Competence Passport

The “INCLUSIVE COMPETENCE PASSPORT” monitors self-organised learning activities, practical training activities and participation in the 'Inclusion Method Market' and therefore builds a connection towards (standardised) international activities for recognition of (informal) learning. The passport uses 'training hours' as comparable quantity in the resulting training portfolio.  

It consists of three parts that can can contribute scores :

1. The first part of the competence passport consists in the validation of knowledge gained through the 'Inclusion Briefing Packs' by an onlne test.  Anwering at least 85 out of 100 questions correctly is considered as overall positive result and results in 50 hours.

2. The second part of the passport consists in the measurement of active participation in the 'Inclusion Methods Market'. Here scores can be collected by providing inclusion methods and giving comments and ratings. Participation can result in up to 75 hours.

3. The third part of the passport reflects previous informal trainings on inclusion. To be recognized, informal trainings must be proven by an uploaded certifcate. Certifcates should indicate the amount of time spent on the training.

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