Terms & conditions

1. Definitions and applicability:
a) These terms and conditions apply for the Early Inclusion website and all it's online tools, hereafter called 'The website and it's tools'
b) The online tools are:  i) Inclusion Briefing Packs  ii) Inclusion Methods Market and iii) Inclusion Training Passport.
c) If you want to use the website and it's tools, you have to accept the terms and conditions. If you do not accept the term and conditions, please do not use the website and it's tools.

2. Intellectual Property
a) The website and it's tools are provided by the Early Inclusion project consortium, represented by S.I.N.N. / Dr. Manfred Pretis as project coordinator. All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the contents and information provided on the website and it's tools are with the project consortium or one of it's partners.
b) You must not copy, reuse or distribute any document and information provided via the website and it's tools without the prior wrtitten conset of the project coordinator.
c) The program source code(s) (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP) of the website and it's tools are intellectual property of InfoSoc. You must not copy, reuse or distribute any program code without the prior written consent of InfoSoc.

3. Usage and Liability
a) Usage of the website and it's tools is free of charge throughout the project lifetime (2015-2018).
b) The website and the tools are provided 'as is'. The project coordinator and the consortoim do not take any liability for the availabality and correct functionality of the website and it's tools or for any damage or loss arising from the usage of the webiste and it's tools and/or any information contained therein.
c) The website and the Early Inclusion Methods Market will be maintained and free to use at least 5 years after project end. Enhancements, improvements and support will be available on basis of individual contracts.

4. Usage of Early Inclusion Methods Market
a) The Methods Market can be used without user registration. Some interactive / social media functions like adding ratings and comments require user registration.
b) With registration in the website and accepting the terms and conditions, each user agrees to be mentioned as author of his / her methods and comments.

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